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Drive your business forward with Quantum expertise and services.


Simplify and automate your IT environment by working with Quantum’s worldwide experts and service offerings. Quantum offers a broad range of services with a focus on customer success, starting with professional and implementation services, world-class support services with options for 24x7x365 coverage around the world, training services, proactive managed services, and Quantum-as-a-Service solutions.

Quantum leverages technology innovation to deliver the best customer experience, including Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) software which is at the core of all Quantum Services. Quantum products securely connect to our CBA software to send log files and other telemetry to this central hub. With these resources, our global services team helps to manage your environment so you can focus on driving your digital initiatives forward.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Quantum’s advanced services are designed to provide you with a cloud-like user experience to simply benefit from Quantum products and technologies.

With a variety of Managed Services and Quantum-as-a-Service offerings, Quantum augments your IT staff with robust, proactive assessments, implementations, and ongoing management of Quantum solutions.

Plus, Quantum-as-a-Service solutions move your IT infrastructure to an operating expense model, based on Quantum-owned equipment and staff.

  Maintenance Support Managed Services Quantum-as-a-Service
Access to Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics Software
Technical support  
Part delivery and replacement  
Proactive monitoring and management  
Quantum-initiated solution support  
Capacity monitoring and planning  
Environmental audits, assessments, and recommendations  
Implement recommendations to optimize environment  
Quantum owns equipment, no up-front CAPEX    
True pay-per-use model    
Capacity metering    
Tech refreshes and data migration included    
    Managed Services as-a-Service Offerings

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